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Recycling appliances at Bannock County Landfill

Appliance Recycling:

In an effort to keep appliances out of the landfill and recycle this resource we have developed an appliance stock-piling area.  Approximately every other year we contact local recycling vendors to get quotes for the current scrap iron prices.  These prices can vary from day to day as the prices at the mills increase or decrease depending on the supply and demand.  Our appliance area is large enough that we can store these items until the price is at a premium level. 

The County has two recycling places for county residents to take their recyclables.  We have 30-yd containers at the Fort Hall Mine Landfill and the McCammon Transfer Station.  The landfill is open 8 to 6 Monday thru Saturday.  The McCammon Transfer Station is open 9 to 5 Wednesday and Saturday June 1 through September 30th).  It is only open on Saturdays October 1st through May 31st.  Both locations are closed on holidays.  Customers do not have to separate their items.


CFC Removal:

The certified landfill personnel remove the freon and compressors from refrigerated units, after which the appliance is recycled.

We have three employees that are certified to perform this procedure, which saves the county approximately $15 per unit by not having to sub-contract the removal.


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