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Radene Barker - Bannock County Treasurer
Radene Barker

Bannock County Treasurer
624 East Center, Room 203
PO Box 4626
Pocatello, ID 83205-4626
Phone (208) 236-7220
Fax (208) 236-7033   Email

Hours: Monday-Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
With exception of holidays

Reminder, 1st half property taxes are due December 20 of current year &
2nd half are due June 20 of the next year.

                                 Online Credit Card Payments

Tax amounts and payments are not available on this web site, at this time.
Call the treasure's office for information.


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Bannock County Treasurer

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My name is Radene Barker, Bannock County Treasurer. I was elected as your Treasurer in November 2006. I am greatly honored and take this position very seriously. I worked in the Bannock County Treasurer's office for 14 years prior to taking office in 2007. With my elected position, I have several goals and responsibilities which includes: continuing the excellent customer service that has been established in this office, collecting and accounting for the property taxes assessed by the County and the other taxing districts; receiving all moneys belonging to the county; keeping records of the receipts and expenditures from all funds; making monthly statements with auditor and presenting to county commissioners; investing county funds safely; and serving as personal representative for the estate of deceased persons when no relative is able or willing to serve as administrator. As Bannock County Treasurer my goal is to find avenues that work to help the taxpayer. One goal was to bring back the process of tax billing in-house. This took a lot of cooperation with other offices that are involved in this process. By bringing the tax billing in-house this saved county money which in turn saves the tax payer money.

My staff and I are always willing to assist taxpayers with their questions and problems. Our Mission Statement is; to bring our citizens the continued, effective, courteous and considerate service that they deserve and to which they are accustomed. We pride ourselves in being helpful, accurate and professional in our interactions with our customers and to make the tax paying process as pleasant as possible. If you have any further questions that this web site does not address, please contact our office and we will be happy to help.

Bannock County Treasurer's Office Staff
Deanna, Shauna, Jennifer, Lori, Teuila, Kristi

Questions regarding the taxing districts that receive revenue from your property taxes:
Numbers are listed on this website under Taxing Districts.

Questions regarding the assessed value of your property:
Bannock County Assessor, Dave D. Packer 208-236-7260

Questions regarding your tax bill:
Bannock County Treasurer, Radene Barker 208-236-7220

Other questions:
Bannock County Commissioners 208-236-7210
Email Cindy or Barbara


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