Bannock County Sheriff and Detention Center

SCILD – Sheriff’s Commissioner’s Inmate Labor Detail

Bannock County Inmates help restore the Fort Hall Replica

Bannock County Detention Center inmates help restore the Fort Hall Replica

The Bannock County Sheriff’s Commissioner’s Inmate Labor Detail Program (SCILD) was implemented on June 1, 1993 by the Bannock County Sheriff’s Office, County Commissioners and the Bannock County Court. Since the program was implemented we feel that it has been a great success and a valuable asset as it continues to improve and grow.

Benefits of having the SCILD Program:

  1. Minimum classified inmates, driving crimes, fines, etc. are allowed to “work off” their  sentence and/or fines on the days that they can schedule; hence, allowing them to be home at night, work around their job, schooling, substance abuse programs, court, household and other obligations they may have.  This also opens up several beds in the jail.
  2. The same minimum classified inmates that are “confined” in the jail are also allowed to work SCILD if they meet the following criteria listed below.  This allows them to relieve some of their tension by getting out of the jail daily and they seem to feel better about themselves. They also are inclined to follow the rules because they do not want to jeopardize losing their SCILD status.  They are  often times given 2 for 1’s by their sentencing Judge, which allows them to only serve half of their original sentence, which in turn is a better utilization of county jail inmate beds

You may contact a S.C.I.L.D. Officer at 208-236-7162.

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