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Civil Matters

Bannock County Sheriff Civil Division provides service of civil and court documents such as:


Subpoenas, Juvenile Summons, Summons & Complaints, Notice Of Hearing, Notice of Hearing for County Commissioners, Notice of Trustee's Sale, Order to Show Cause, Restraining Order, Writ of Attachment, Writ of Execution, Writ of Restitution and Possession, Warrant Of Distraint, Protective Oder, 3 Day/30 Day Notice, etc.


Per Idaho Code 31-2211 the Sheriff is unable to act without written instructions.

Checklist for Civil Process Service (PDF)

Letter of Instructions To the Sheriff of Bannock County (PDF)


We require prepayment of $40.00 for service and we do not accept personal checks.

Bannock County Resolution Fee and Advanced Fee Deposit Schedule (PDF)


Our mailing address is:

Bannock County Sheriff Civil Office

P.O. Box 4666

Pocatello, Idaho 83205


Phone: 208-236-7195


Here are some links to assist you with Civil Matters.



Plaintiff Collecting on a Judgment:

Bannock County Civil Garnishment Checklist (PDF)


If you are an employer and are served with a wage garnishment for an employee please refer to for the federal wage garnishment guidelines.

Landlord/Tenant Laws 

If you are a landlord or a tenant refer to the Office of the Attorney General Landlord and Tenant Guidelines by visiting consumer protection, consumer information. 


Forms and Assistance on the Idaho Supreme Court website

The Idaho Attorney General's Office has an excellent legal manual available regarding many of the laws affecting the landlord-tenant relationship.

Idaho Legal Aid also has information available regarding landlord-tenant issues.


Idaho Transportation Abandoned Vehicle Guide


Sheriff's Sales

Bannock County Sheriff's sales may be posted in the Idaho State Journal, Post Offices and other public places. If you've been served with papers concerning your property you may contact us at 208-236-7195.



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Bannock County Sheriff & Detention Center

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