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Chubbuck Police/Dispatch Center

The Chubbuck Police Departments enhanced 911 system has been in operation for approximately 3 1/2 years. The department currently employs 26 personnel, chief, assistant chief, 2 captains, 3 detectives, 10 patrol officers, animal control officer, 5 dispatchers, dispatch supervisor, receptionist and juvenile referral case worker, and serves a community of approximately 9500. Questions regarding the enhanced 911 system may be directed to Nancy Dixon, Dispatch Supervisor, at P.O. Box 5604, Chubbuck, ID, 83202 or by calling (208) 237-7172.


The Chubbuck Police Department dispatches for law enforcement within Chubbuck city limits as well as the Chubbuck Fire Department whose jurisdiction covers the city proper and surrounding area within law enforcement jurisdiction of Bannock county and Power county. Officers are dispatched to ambulance assists with Pocatello EMS as the responding emergency medical personnel. As circumstances dictate, city maintenance personnel are dispatched by the police department (snow removal, road hazards/debris, etc.).

Long range plans include establishing a second dispatch console center to better serve the community during peak periods and in anticipation of future community growth.



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