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Recorder's fees - Idaho Code 31-3205


The county recorder is allowed, and may receive for his services, the following fees, to be paid him by the party procuring his services:


For recording first instrument, paper or notice page.

For each additional page.
Must be a notarized original property, must be in Bannock County.



For copies of any record or paper, for each page $ 1.00
For each certificate under seal, when required $ 1.00
For release or assignment where more than one (1) document is released or assigned in the same instrument, for each additional release or assignment $ 1.00
For recording every town plat or map, for first one hundred (100) lots or less $11.00
And for each additional lot $ .05
For taking acknowledgments including seal $ 1.00
For recording the location notice or amended location notice, of a mining claim, or for recording and indexing each notice, for each page $ 3.00
For recording affidavit of labor of mining claims for one (1) mining claim $ 4.00
Plus additional charge for each claim in excess of one (1) $ .50
For filing a survey $ 5.00
For making a copy of a survey or highway right-of-way plat $ 4.00
For issuing marriage license, filing, recording, and indexing the certificate of marriage and taking and filing affidavits required in issuance of the license $28.00
For administering an oath, including jurat $ 1.00
And certifying the same when required an additional sum of $ 1.00
For comparing and certifying a prepared copy of a file or record in his office, for each page  $ .50
For making and certifying a report of search for lien upon personal property, excluding Uniform Commercial Code, for each name searched $ 5.00
For each certificate under seal there shall be an additional fee of $ 1.00

All instruments delivered to the county recorder for record shall be recorded rather than filed with exception of plats, surveys, cornerstone markers and instruments under the Uniform Commercial Code.
For all other services as recorder, not enumerated herein, the fee fixed in the statute requiring the service or the same fee as allowed the clerk of the district court for like service.
A page shall not exceed fourteen (14) inches in length nor eight and one half (8 1/2) inches in width. The recording fee to be charged for maps, sketches, drawings or other instruments except plats larger than the size permitted above for a page shall be two cents (2¢) per square inch. (1994) 
31-3206. Recorder - Exceptions to fee schedule. 

Each county recorder shall record, free of charge, all clear lists of lands granted to the state by the United States. (1921)

31-3207. Auditor's fees. 

For services as county auditor, not enumerated in this chapter, the fee fixed by the statute requiring the service shall be charged and collected, or the same fee as allowed the county recorder as provided by section 31-3205, Idaho Code, shall be charged and collected. (1989)

31-3211. Fees to be prepaid - Exception - Penalty for official dereliction. 

The officer mentioned in this title are not in any case except for the state or county, to perform any official services unless upon prepayment of the fees prescribed for such services by law, except as in the succeeding sections provided: provided further, that the attorney-general or any prosecuting attorney may cause subpoenas to be issued on behalf of the state, without paying or tendering fees in advance to any officers, and on such payment the officer must perform the services required.


For every failure or refusal to perform the official duty when the fees are tendered, the officer is liable on his official bond. (1967)
31-3212. Exceptions to fee schedule - Habeas corpus - State or any county of Idaho a party - Cost of transcripts.
(1) No filing or recording fee of any kind shall be charged or received by any county officer mentioned in this chapter for duties performed or services rendered in proceedings in habeas corpus, unless the habeas corpus petitioner is a prisoner as defined in section 31-3220A, Idaho Code.
(2) County officers shall not charge any fee against, or receive any compensation whatever from, the state or any county of Idaho for any services rendered in any action or proceeding in which the state of Idaho, or any state board, or state officer in his official capacity, or any county of Idaho, or county officer in his official capacity, is a party.
(3) If the habeas corpus petitioner or appellant is a prisoner, and is not an indigent prisoner as defined in section 31-3220A, Idaho Code, the prisoner may be required to pay all or part of the filing fees on appeal as set forth in sections 31-3201 and 31-3201A, Idaho Code. If the appellant is an indigent prisoner, as found by the court under section 31-3220A, Idaho Code, the transcript on appeal will be paid for as provided in section 1-1105(2), Idaho Code.
(4) In habeas corpus cases on appeal to the supreme court of the state of Idaho, in which the appellant is not a prisoner but is otherwise restrained of his liberty by any public officer, the transcript for use on the appeal will be paid for by the appellant. If the appellant under this paragraph is indigent, the transcript and/or record for use on the appeal will be paid for in the manner as provided in section 1-1105(2), Idaho Code.
(5) In habeas corpus cases on appeal to the supreme court of the state of Idaho, in which the custody of children is on controversy, the appellant, unless he or she be indigent, shall pay for the record on appeal. If the appellant under this paragraph is indigent, the record and/or transcript will be paid for as provided in section 1-1105(2), Idaho Code. (1996)

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