Bannock County Juvenile Justice Department

Contact Juvenile Probation Officers

Main Phone Numbers:
(208) 234-1082 or (208) 234-1085

Probation Officers
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Kami Larsen – Management Assistant20
Matt Olsen15
Todd Mauger36
Erin Flores39
Leslie Land29
Jesika Snyder35
Alvin Naumu37
Dan Montgomery28
Stace Gearhart19
Tara Erickson – Youth Court22
Allison Huerta – Truancy Court Coordinator26
Nathan Cuoio – Restitution Officer/Elec. Monitor27
Amanda Higbee – Status Offender Coordinator21
Anna Sanchez – Drug Court Coordinator34 or
(208) 236-7091 
Desk #18
Drug Court Message23
Brandie Tippets- Drug Court34
Intensive Supervision Probation 
Willie Walker(208) 236-7094
Jason Dye(208) 236-7095
Mandee Erickson(208) 236-7096
Fax(208) 236-7097
Intensive Supervision Unit – 141 N. 6th Street 
Kimberly Marks(208) 236-7089
JoAnn Gehman (208) 236-7028
Anna Sanchez(208) 236-7091
Fax(208) 236-7097

Juvenile Justice Services - Protection, Compentency and Accountability