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Bannock County Court House Map

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Please be aware of one-way streets marked with arrows on the map.
1 Commissioners - Room 214 - Front Entrance
2 License Plates & Vehicle Registration - Annex
(The Bannock County Driver's license Division is now located at the Sheriffs office, 5800 S. 5th Ave.)
3 6th District Court - Room 218 - South West Entrance
Pay Bonds & Fines, Record Checks
4 Public Defender - Old Jail Building
5 Juvenile Court & Detention Center
6 County Clerk - Room 211 - Front Entrance
Passports, Marriage Licenses, Property Records
7 Human Resources - Room 105 - East/ADA EntranceĀ 
8 Treasurer - Room 203 - Front Entrance - Pay Property Taxes
9 Appraisers Office - Annex
10 Prosecuting Attorney - Room 308 - Front Entrance
11 Ag Extension Office
12 Bannock County Sheriff & Detention Center
13 Bannock County Drivers license Division - now located at theĀ Sheriffs office.
14 Planning and Development Services - Public Works Department 5500 S. 5th
15 Bannock Road & Bridge Department - Public Works Department 5500 S. 5th
16 Mosquito Abatement District
17 Code Enforcement & Noxious Weed Control
18 Solid Waste Department  (Landfill)
19 McCammon Transfer Station (Landfill)
20 North Bannock County Fairgrounds
21 South Bannock County Fairgrounds - Downey

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